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Easy way to get dfu mode with animated live clock

Now I do learn the experience, and able to get into dfu mode as easy as pie by using an interesting live clock for counting. This post will show you how to do that.

So, what dfu mode really is ?

DFU mode means a stage which makes your iphone can connect with iTune without loading the whole iphone operating system or boot loader (which is defferent from recovery mode). DFU is mean for Device Firmware Update.

When do I need getting into dfu mode ?

The most reason that we need to enter DFU mode is to change the firmware, which is needed in these circumstances :

  • Jailbreak your iphone for installing Cydia.
  • Downgrade your iphone to a lower version firmware (from 5.1.1 to 5.0.1 for example)
  • Restore your iphone to the original factory setting with lasted ios firmware.

Instructions to get into dfu mode

  • Connect your iphone to iTune (plug it to PC or MAC, open iTune).
  • Slide to unlock it.
  • Make it offline (open Settings / Airplane Mode) to be not disturb by incoming call or messages.
Set iphone offline 
  • Now at the same time hold the Home and Sleep button and look at the clock below and start counting to 10 seconds.
dfu mode
  • At the 10th second, release the Sleep but still holding the Home button for more several seconds, until you see this itune message.
iTune message
  • Congratulation ! You are now in DFU mode.
  • You can now continue to restore/jailbreak your iphone.

Some notices with dfu mode

  • When in DFU mode, the iphone screen is totally black, there are nothing on the screen. It's different from the recovery mode.
Dfu vs recovery mode
  • Maybe you will fail for some first times, you need to practise for several times before success. The tip is to pick up an approriate position second for easily counting ( at position 5 10 15 ... for example ).
  • For some reason, you may get stuck in DFU mode. Dont be panic ! To exit DFU mode just hold the combination of Home and Sleep button for a while and the iphone will restart as usual.
Good luck to you !


Any question or suggestion is always welcome !